About Organization

About the organization

“The National Organization for Civil Registration” has an independent legal character in terms of administration, finance, and executive; this organization is considered as a dependent part of the ministry of interior.

The management of this organization is concentrated in the capital and all other administrations around the country are subordinated by the central office and act according to the ratified bulletin. Due to its vast legal responsibilities, “The National Organization for Civil Registration” is active throughout the country and is the most referred to governmental organization.

The history of coherent and integrated civil registration dates back to the 19th century. Iran ratified the civil registration law in December 1918 by issuing the first birth certificate for a girl named Fatemeh Irani in Tehran, and issued more certificates throughout all other provinces within ten years.

According to an act in June 1928 the “Birth Certificate and Statistics Administration” was established as part of the ministry of interior and began working. In 1940 according to a new law and after editing a new set of regulations, the name of this organization changed to “The Office of Statistics and Civil Registration”.

In July 1976 “The National Organization for Civil Registration” was formed and the last minor changes were applied on it by the parliament in 1984.