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Iran News
08:50 2021/03/25
The message of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei on the beginning of the new year
15:42 2019/11/12
Iran is looking into a step-by-step integration of biometric payments and QR codes for better verification and to cut down on the number of daily card transactions, according to Mohammad Mehdi Sadeq, a senior banking executive quoted by the country’s IRNA agency, writes ParsToday
11:48 2017/09/11
smart ID cards
International News
13:03 2021/08/23
Ministry’s employees are in the final phases of activating the IDs
12:04 2021/08/16
ISLAMABAD: The prime minister chaired a review meeting on facilitating remittances and providing more facilities to Pakistanis abroad under priority sectors.
14:09 2021/08/12
Estonia has issued a new tender to look for a new mobile identification provider to replace the current mobile ID system, which may introduce biometrics to underpin the system
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مدیریت محتوا
"Dr. Derakhshan Nia"
Deputy Interior Minister & Head of
National Organization for Civil Registration