Thursday28 May 2020   
Date 2013/08/17         Hour 13:48:25     News Group circular news

For the first time, smart card's digital signature capacities used for National Elections

The Interior Minister, at the implementation of the  new president  of the country as referring the mentioned point, said:" the first step in beginning the presidential election through comprehensive system was done through the signing the related card by me".

 He added for the first time the authentication queries about more than 90% of voters, from 120 million records in population base were mechanized.

In the following he referred to the vital role of interior to implement of election around 4 major Aims: trust ship, rule of low, justice-oriented and the majority of people attendance in election, also he emphasized the distinction of the last election than to the 1388 one

At the end expressing the tireless efforts of involved election staff  with new IT had the presidential election  happened in the light of the blessing the God.