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Date 2013/12/25         Hour 15:59:02     News Group circular news

According to international affairs of the NOCR, Anniversary commemoration of NOCR was held, attended by a group of officials and authorities; at Interior Ministry on 24 december2013

Dr. Ardakani; NOCR head, in the national day of the civil registry conference, attended by the Chair of the Islamic Consultative Assembly   and Interior Minister said:"the organization is a Sovereignty and infrastructure ones in the country which gather and issue the vital events statistics and identity documents and population statistics at the macro and micro level". He also warned:" The reduce of the population growth in the country has cautioned the fertility rates Average to fall to 1.7 percent and if the rate on this trend continues, growth rate there will be zero during  30 years and the birth rate will equal with death. Therefore, the decline and fall of the population will begin."


In the meeting, Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli, THE Interior minister pointed to the role of the organization in providing Demographics and said:"its duties are very important for gathering and analysis population statistics which are necessary to planning and making the country's macro policy ". He, refereeing to the national smart card and its great role to the country's planning, said :"the reduce of population rate is significant and the organization , as the best one, can sounded the alarm about the population declining, so that academic institutions should take measures in this regard". In the following DR. Rahmani Fazli stated the success of the civil registry in the issuing of identification documents, such as preparing services in the Cyberspace, documents e-archive project completion & monitoring population changes (population dashboard).

 In the last, The Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of IRAN attended in the conference and lectured. He said:" if National Smart Card project is implemented, the field of the multipurpose for its using will be prepared, so we will support it to facilitate the population movements and its optional uses. Dr Larijani also referred to the serious danger of the population decrease rate at the country and purposed that Media and public sectors should try and create incentives to increase the birth rate in the country.

Finally, families of nuclear martyrs were appreciated by the attendances and unveiled from their martyrs identity documents