Thursday28 May 2020   
Date 2014/05/20         Hour 14:57:50     News Group circular news

According to the International Affairs of NOCR, the first Technical consultancy Meeting, between Iran and Turkey countries began on may 18 2014 and took 3 days.

The opening ceremony of the meeting, with the subject registration change of address and Migration Statistics was held at Kosar Hall, attended by a group of civil registration authorities and relevant officials and experts.

In The inauguration ceremony, after the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, NOCR Vice President of Information Technology and demographics welcomed the attendances and Dr.Nazemi Ardakani, Minister Deputy and the head of NOCR lectured about the duties of IR IRAN NOCR and he expressed hopefully, exchange of experience between two countries useful for both sides. Then Dr. Mehmet Uz.; The representative of   UNFPA in IR IRAN, the other guests; Dr.Zahedi;Dr.zanjani expressed their statements and turkey delegate representative thanked  the host authorities for arranging this important meeting and making excellent arrangements for the participants .

Finally the participants visited the country population database and according to the agenda, the exchange information sessions of the relative experts were hold at the next 2 days.