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Date 2014/07/14         Hour 10:09:16     News Group circular news

Mr Ardakani; the head of NOCR in the ceremony of the population world day said:" IRAN population rank in the region is third. Now the population of the country is one hundredth of the world's population and its rank among world countries is eighteenth, in Asia tenth and in the region after Egypt and Pakistan have been in Third rank."

According to the Office of Public Relations and International Affairs, the conference of World Population Day was held, in order to explain the general population policies with attendance of officials and authorities of the country: the vice-speaker of the Islamic Legislative Assembly, Chairman of the Strategic Scientific Committee of Expediency – Secretariat, the head of NOCR, the head of the statistics center, the representative of UNFPA in IRAN, the deputy of the young and sport minister, at the Forum of Interior Ministry, on July 20.

Mr Ardakani informed of the 800 thousand recorded marriage in the year and expressed:" The fertility rate of IRAN among region countries (26 countries) is Twenty-fifth and based on the current statistics %33 of the performed marriages are in the one or no child .Now 18 million people under 15 years old; child and teenage and 24 million between 15-30 years old, live in the country."

In the following he referred to the population subjects including  grow rate , the migration of the rural population to the urban areas and the yearly rate of the birth and its rank in the region ;twenty sixth ,also death rank in the region ;fourteenth . Finally he; stating the other essential current statistics, emphasized that with the present growth rate, population growth would have been zero up to the 2046 with 90 million population and it should be noticed by the inter and international policies.

In this regard, the others authorities expressed statements and referred to the current population problems too, particularly to the orderly of the population and the young difficulties which should be to pay attention by decisions making and political men. Moreover, the head of the statistics center, referring to the population pyramid, said:"up to the next 35 years, the density of the country population will have been 65 ages and over, so the social welfare and security programs should be planned.