Thursday28 May 2020   
Date 2015/04/28         Hour 09:37:17     News Group circular news

Introduction of NOCR new head and overrule of the former ceremony was held with the Vice Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, deputy of Interior minister and many authorities of the country in the auditorium of the organization building on Sunday ,April 27, 2015.

According to the international affairs, in the meeting which was attended by NOCR staff, six years services of Dr. Ardakani was appreciated and Dr.Avaei was introduced as new head of NOCR.

After recitation of the Holy Quran, broadcasting of national anthem of I.R. of Iran, a short film of the history of NOCR was presented and were welcomed by participants

In the following Mr. Tarighat deputy of the organization, greeting to the guests, referred to the most important characteristic of the organization as a public one and said:” Last year nearly 15 million applicants, during 22 million times  have referred to the organization”. Also he stated that NOCR duty as a sovereignty  agency to produce and distribute of vital statistics was very important and in fact it was a counter for state and system.

At the end, appreciating Dr. Nazemi’s presence, he expressed:” During his director period the large infrastructure works have been done which creating a national foundation for smart card issuance is of these important steps