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Date 2015/11/28         Hour 08:43:41     News Group circular news

Upon the Public Relations and International Cooperation Office of NOCR, the first Regional Seminar for civil registration and vital statistics system was hold with attendance of many authorities of country and staff of NOCR in Tehran, On 3 November 2015.

Head of NOCR, Deputy of identity documents, vice president of research projects and registration statistics of Statistical Centre of Iran, Director of Information Systems Department of Health and Medical Education Network, Executive Secretary of the Seminar and the expertise of the UNFPA representative in the Islamic Republic of Iran and a group of NOCR colleagues were attended in the meeting.

Mr. Avaei ,NOCR head , referring the importance of promoting timely registration of vital events and the formation of a national committee for it, emphasized that in the post 2015 global development programs, a special chapter was dedicated to it and, in the first conference of ministers and heads of civil registration of member states of the United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and the Pacific and social (ESCAP) ,regional action framework for promoting civil registration and vital statistics system was developed and the years 2015 to 2024 named as a decade of civil registration Last year. Also international work teams were formed to lead the implementation of framework, meanwhile I.R of IRAN, due to its good experiences has been appointed as a member of work teams.

“Civil registration systems and vital events are effective crucial data sources for implanting new development plans .many proposed goals for new sustainable development or SDG are upon CRVS distributed data and our post 2015 development programs are as a great step to approve the coordination at the national , regional and international level” said Mr. Pooermennati; deputy of identity documents department.

At the end, Gen.Dr. Of population, information statistics and immigration office; Mr. Mahzoon , introduced ESCAP and its area and said:” I.R of IRAN is a member of Mediteirian east regional office (in the CARO) in the fields of WHO