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Date 2014/08/31         Hour 13:36:37     News Group international-affairs

Mr. Mahzoon ;Gen. Dir. Of statistics & population information office and immigration of NOCR said:" Four basic actions should be done to map out and implement the civil registration and vital statistics System."

"It is hoped; the map to be prepared, developed and applied through cooperation between the organizations."

According to the international and public affairs of NOCR, the strategic document expert of CRVS system meeting was hold  with cooperation Ministry of  Health and Medical Education, WHO, Iranian statistic Center, and Education and Training Center of NOCR, on 18 August.

In the session, the representatives of many organizations were attended, including: NOCR, Health Ministry, statistic Center, statistic recherché institute, Foreign affairs Ministry, Interior Ministry, forensics, faculty of Tehran &Shahid Beheshti Universities, Medical council, UNFPA

Mr. Mahzoon expressed:" the aim of the meeting is mapping out and implementing the civil registration and vital statistics System and this map is the way of improving the quality Level of the vital events registration and inter – division cooperation."

He continued that the relative document is coordinate with the international level and ESCAP at the regional. Also NOCR recommended the trilateral memorandum in order to secure the national implementation strategy. He also emphasized that the principles and duties of each organization to be determined during the workshop ,also the tasks have been done by the organizations. Mr.Mahzoon added that UNFPA ;as a partner should add the mentioned plan to the common programs of two departments and be activated as a part of the technical cooperation.

The representative of WHO stated:" one of the important measures of evaluating of countries, in terms of development is a complete system of civil registration and vital statistics.

In the following ;Dr. KHosravi, Director of the Statistics  group and Department of Information  net System , Health Department, Health ministry, Health and Medical Education also expressed:" to Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the system of civil registration and vital statistics in the country needs a comprehensive assessment.

He appointed :" this important topic would check in a workshop for this purpose in the second week of September, with the formation of registration specialized working group meeting.