Thursday28 May 2020   
Date 2015/08/04         Hour 11:40:16     News Group international-affairs

According to the ESCAP secretariat, the first regional steering group meeting was held at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok during 28-30 July 2015.

The objectives of the meeting;

1. Talking decision on the ways and patterns of regional support for the implementation of the Action Plan framework about CRVS in Asia Pacific.

2. Reviewing the draft of guidelines for implementation of the action plan framework.

3. Discussion on developing tools and future researches to support improving CRVS and development of the regional steering group agenda for decade 2015-2019.

It should be mentioned Mr. Ali Akbar Mahzoon, NOCR representative, director general of statistics and population information and migration office; as one of the speakers, made a speech and presented the relative subject on the second day of the meeting.