Thursday28 May 2020   
Date 2015/12/22         Hour 13:48:38     News Group international-affairs

30 May as the National Day for population was registered in the official calendar.

The Office of Public Relations and International cooperation of NOCR announced, the30th of May;coinciding with the day of notification of the overall policies of the supremeleaderwas registered in the official calendaras population national day.theoffer ofthe National Day for population was purposed by NOCR and the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolutionapprovedit.

The supreme leader, Considering the important of population issues in national authority and due to the mobility, growth and young population as an opportunity and current privilege in order to compensate for the decline in population growth and fertility rates in recent years,stated the general policies of the population notification On 20 may 2014.

He,Considering the positive role of the population in developing countries, emphasized that comprehensive planning should be done for economic, social and cultural growth according to population policies.

Therefore, with regard to the need for continuous monitoring of the implementation of the mentioned policiesand reflection and evaluation of administrative plans related to population,NOCRproposedthe date of the notification of the general policies asthe National Day of the populationin the official calendar of the Islamic Republic of IRAN.