Monday25 May 2020   
Date 2014/05/17         Hour 10:27:01     News Group international-affairs

Nocr head said :"Iran Population should be 77,518,602 people up to 2014-04-20"

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs, Health insurance organization CEO; Anushiravan Hassaniebandpey ,in order to obtain client authentication of NOCR, signed a mutual memorandum with Dr.Nazemi Ardekani ;NOCR Head .

In the meeting, Dr. Nazemi, referring to the 3 organization missions, current population and vital events satistic ,said:"

·        now Iran has a golden opportunity because of population who are ready to work , develope activities and employ

·        Recently new activities have been done to modern and electronic civil registration system such as issuance of the e-booklet national ID card, smart National Id card upon population Database of the country.

·        All of peoples' ID Documents are upon mentioned population Database .

·        E-Archive and scan of 126 million ID documents is an great action to electronic and custemer-orient

·        NOCR Closely has been linked to the targeted subsidies organization. Those who began to receive subsidies ,their specifications are attained through database and family heads 'specifications ; births, deaths, marriages and divorces, are assessed to apply when the subsidies are settled.

Following, Health insurance organization CEO, referring to the recently good progress of NOCR, noted revised national population policy and thanked NOCR  for accurate and timely information to state authorities. Finally, he expressed the memorandum is the main step for our organization to Inquiry and self-insured authentication, and remove overlays to identify individuals having multiple insurances and to prepare the best services to the public.