Identity CARD( Booklet) Issuance

Replacement and duplicate of ID Card (Issuance)

Identity cards Issuance  for foreign women with Iranian husbands (subject to 6 paragraph of 976   Article of the Civil Code

Identity cards Issuance for foreign nationals’ children over 18 years old (subject to 979 and 980 Articles of the Civil Code)

Identity cards Issuance for children born to Iranian women married to foreign men

Iranian citizens Identity cards Issuance

Identity cards Issuance for individuals; subject to 5 paragraph of 976 Article of the Civil Code

Identity cards Issuance for over 18 years persons , subject to a vote to remove doubts about identity and citizenship

National smart card Issuance

Marriage and divorce events Insert (transfer)

Marriage Registration by the confession

Marriage and divorce document transcript issuance for Iranian citizens residing abroad

Submit death certificate

Iranian death certificate Issuance

Foreign nationals death certificate Issuance

Identity change profile

Review the Age Recognition Commission requests (correction of birth date)

Name change

Surname change

Handling claims from the Dispute Resolution Board

Answers to identity and address inquiries

Answer to the identity inquiries

Answer to individuals’ adress inquiries

Birth certificate Issuance for foreign nationals’ children born in Iran

Celibacy certificate Issuance

Address change Register

 Services Introduction in persion