Rules and Regulations
  1. Civil Registration Law

Chapter (1): Generalities

Chapter (2): Civil Registration documents

Chapter (3): Birth Registration

Chapter (4): Death Registration

 Chapter (5): Marriage and Divorce

Chapter (6): Issuance of identity card

Chapter (7) ‌: Issuance of National ID card

Chapter (8): The Surname

Chapter (9): Replacement of the existing identity cards and their transfer to the Vital Statistics General Books

Chapter (10): Preparing for law enforcement

Chapter (11):  Penal regulations

  1. Related regulations

Regulations on how to handle dispute resolution boards, subject to Article 3 of the Civil Registration Law

Law on Violations of Crimes and Punishments Related to Registration Documents and Identity Cards Approved by the Expediency Discernment Council on 10/5/1375

Law on protection of unaccompanied children approved on 12/29/1353

Law on custody approved on 22/4/1365

Law on the right of custody of minor or estranged children to their mothers approved on 6/5/1364

The law allowing the observance of the personal status of non-Shiite Iranians in the courts, published in the set of laws of 1312, approved on 31/4/1312

Law requiring the assignment of a national number and postal code to all Iranian citizens

Approval of the Cabinet of Ministers - Executive Regulations of the Law Requiring the Allocation of National Numbers and Postal Codes for All Iranian Citizens Approved in 1999

  1. The views of the unity of procedure

Row 62/1 No. 45- AH

Row 62/37 No. 401 - H.

Row 63/22

Row 64/83

Row 66/13 No. 698 - H.

Row 67/34 No. 940- AH

Row 63/9 General Assembly

Row 67/45 General Assembly of the Supreme Court

Row 69/20 General Assembly

Row 63/23 of the General Assembly of the Supreme Court

Row 5/71 of the General Assembly - The hearing of the claim regarding the seal is within the jurisdiction of the special civil court

Row 508 of the General Assembly of the Court of Administrative Justice