Issuance of National Smart Card

Service introduction


Serve type: G2C, G2B and G2G

Average service time: 20 working days

Service hours: office hours

Number of face-to-face visits: 2 times (to complete the registration and receive the card)

Service ID

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Apply Registration and national smart card issuance for Iranians over 15 years old


Eligible persons


• All Iranian citizens; over 15 years, who have an valid Identity certificate  photo attached .

 • Citizens who received or lost their former model national card between 2001 and 2010.


How to refer and necessary actions



  1. pre-registration
  2. Complete the registration
  3. Card production
  4. Card delivery




To receive a national smart card, the first step is pre-registration.

 The necessary steps and actions are as follows:

1- Refer to the national smart card registration system

2- Enter personal details including:

• Mobile number, national number, identity card serial, solar birth date, lunar  birth date, mother's name, gender

3- Select the time and place of completing the registration

• It is necessary the citizen to enter his / her desired date and choose ideal registration office to complete registration. For this purpose, the citizen enters the desired date and city telephone prefix (for example, 021 for Tehran) to complete the registration then click search button. The system shows the list of the city registration completes in order of office free capacity.. If necessary, the citizen can filter the list of offices based on proximity to his residence by entering the phone number of his residence. To make easier the choice, the citizen then chooses an office according to the offices address. Please note that before payment the queue is not finalized and the reservation will remain for you for a short time.

4- Pay the registration fee

• The citizen pays 250,000 Rials, equivalent to 25,000 Tomans, as a registration fee, using a bank card that has a second password. And the turn is registered for the citizen

• The maximum fee for completing the registration is 90,000 Rials, which will be received in cash by the Registration Completion Office when completing the registration.

• The national smart card delivery fee is 20,000 Rials, which will be received in cash by the registration office when the card is delivered.

5- Print the pre-registration form

• As a final step, the citizen prints his / her personal details and details of the appointment and keeps them until the day of registration completion. This sheet also contains a tracking code that is used when completing the registration and the steps after it


Complete registration


The second step in the national smart card registration process is to go to the counter office which you selected in the pre-registration step.

In this step, the following actions are performed:

• Complete the address, postal information and the landline, mobile phone of the applicant

• Print registration complete receipt

• Confirmation of the document information with the applicant

• Face photography

• Fingerprint scanning

Documents scanning

• Registration approval by the office manager


Please note the following before attending the counter office

• Having a valid and legible photo ID.

• Having national number, postal code and residence address.

• Ready to take a face image and scan the fingerprint.


Card production


The following steps are performed in the National Registration Organization to produce the card:

- collected data Quality control

-Card production

Send the card to the registration office


Card delivery


In this step, the following actions are performed:

• The applicant refers to the card delivery counter.

• Scan fingerprints to verify the applicant identity.

• Card activation

• Card Delivery to the citizen



Service steps diagram