Vision & Mission


Setting and issuing of identification documents for all Iranians Statistical analysis & forecasting of the country population changes










Gain the first place among Registrations of region in view of technology and other services.





1-Mechanize all of Executive processes

1-1- Development e-services to the citizens

1-2-Review administrative and financial activities


2-Preparing, setting and organizing all documents in the organization since establishment (create to e-Archive)


2-1- Iranian’s Documents who are resident in the country

2-2- Iranian’s Documents who are abroad


3-Studying, design and supply national ID smart cards for the Iranians




3-1-Hardware perspective





3-2- Software perspective for Contacting offline and Online




4-Using of private sector’s capacity (private and cooperative) for performance of incumbency activities for example (e-service offices of national identification)




4-1- Independent station






4-2-use to existing stations and other





5-Developing and supplying physical spaces with appropriate equipment




5-1-Construction of the second data center in Vardavard city






5-2-Provide building & construction and completing 108 block in city centers and departments






5-3- Repair, rebuild and suitable equipment for existing buildings





6-promotes of national number applications




6-1-Promotes the governmental agencies






6-2-In institutions and public institutions and private





7-Review comparative studies and use of experiences and cooperation with the world advanced countries




7-1-Asia, especially the Neighboring countries



















8-Approach to income cost for required funding



8-1-provide acquisition funding for national infrastructure






8-2-provide income with services on accordance approved tariffs





9-Update Vital events in the country




9-1-Registration of vital events (Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce)






9-2- Immigration Registration





10-Create to Database for Iranians




10-1-Inside the country






10-2-Outside the country