Tuesday20 April 2021   
Treasury Of Organization


The Treasure of “The National Organization for Civil Registration”


The tradition of keeping documents and other official papers has been prevalent in Iran. Documents remaining from the Achaemenians and royal archives of Iran in Babylon, Ekbatan, Shoosh, Persepolis and other cities where Iranians resided or places under the rule of Iranian kings are a proof of this fact. There are many documents and books available from after the Iranians converted to Islam in spite of the all the disasters which struck the country. These documents can be used to identify the dark angles of the Iranian political, social, cultural, and religious life. “The National Organization for Civil Registration” with 75 years of age is considered a phenomenon of the new civilization, and was established in our country during the last century.


The clearest way to understand the formation and activities of this organization is through the documents left during the years in the organization. To achieve this goal, and in order to enhance the awareness of the government and the people of the position of the national organization for civil registration, and in order to emphasis on the importance of birth certificates as a main document the treasury of the organization has collected documents and birth certificates of outstanding characters which were influential in the political, cultural, social, and religious life of Iran. We hope to add to the value of this historical treasure with the help of all academic centers and our own fellow compatriots. 

The treasure is kept in building number 3 of the organization. This building is almost 100 years old. It was built at the end of Naseredin Shah and the beginning of Mozafaredin Shah’s kingdom. Esthetically this building is an outstanding piece of work due to its beautiful cornice, mirror work, and woodwork. The building has an eastern and western view and consists of two floors. The first floor has no aesthetic characteristic but the second floor, which is where the treasure of the organization is located, has beautiful and eye-catching cornices. The mirror working of the building is unique in its own way as well. The entrance of the building is located on the eastern side of the building. The outside porch, tall columns, and beautiful cornices with influences from European architects have created a majestic view.

This building is now considered a national heritage and is preserved by the cultural heritage organization of Iran. The treasure of the organization is kept in three saloons with 200 cubic meters of infrastructure. There are 87 showcases where birth certificates and appointment documnets of outstanding religious, political, historical, and cultural characters are shown. These documents could be categorized as:

1-      Birth certificates of religious characters

2-      Birth certificates of historical and political figures

3-      Birth certificates of the imposed war martyrs

4-      Birth certificates of authors, and poets

5-      Birth certificates of athletes

6-      Books and publications of the organization

7-      Samples of inscriptions

8-      Ancient documents

9-      Different samples of birth certificates and seals from the old days up to the present

10-   Documents, letters, report cards, encouragement letters, and photos

11-   Documents of people with many children and many wives