The responsibilities and rights of the owners of i


The responsibilities and rights of the owners of identity documents

Birth certificate and the national ID card are the identification documents of every Iranian; therefore, they must be looked after. Hence, we ask you to pay attention to these points:

1-      Birth certificates, national ID cards and other registered documents are considered official documents therefore any kind of change, distortion or illegal manufacture is followed by punishments in accordance to the law. If any of your current documents have differences with your previous ones do not attempt to change them yourself and refer to the nearest office as soon as possible.

2-      According to the Islamic punishment any copy from official documents with no indication of their being copies are considered fabrication.

3-      Birth certificates and national ID cards are documents of identity and nationality and should not be left as deposit with anyone. Many cases of exploitation have been reported as result of such act.

4-      Any types of sealing in birth certificates are illegal unless done by people authorized in the law. Pay attention that only authorized people seal your birth certificate.

5-      If your birth certificate is lost, you apply for a replica, and later your original certificate is found you should immediately refer to the nearest registration office, hand in your original certificate; since this certificate has no value, and if used you will be prosecuted for using invalid documents.

6-      Keep your birth certificate, national ID card, and other identity related documents in a safe place.

7-      When you cannot find your birth certificate and ID card do not immediately apply for a replica; make sure that they are truly lost and then apply for replicas. 

8-      If your birth certificate or national ID card are ruined due to humidity or water corrosion and are ill legible refer to the nearest registration office and apply for a replacement. Many offices do not provide the owners of such documents with services.

9-      If changes are applied in your birth certificate that are not in accordance with your ID card you should ask for the correction of your ID card when you apply for your new birth certificate.

10-   If you change the place of your residence, you should inform registration offices or the post office.

11-   The birth certificate must have a photo at age 15, those between 15 to18 or their parents must apply for a birth certificate with a photo.