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News Groupinternational-affairs

“Production supports and Removing barriers.”

The message of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei on the beginning of the new year

News Groupinternational-affairs

Ayatollah Khamenei; the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution ,in his Nowruz message: Increasing production key point in New Year

Ayatollah Khamenei issues a message on the occasion of Nowruz; the Iranian New Year, on March 20, 2020

News Groupinternational-affairs

A severe revenge awaits the criminal killers of General Soleimani Jan 3, 2020

Following the martyrdom of the honorable general of Islam—Hajj Qasem Soleimani— and the martyrs accompanying him, particularly the great fighter of Islam, Mr. Abu Mahdi Al-Mohamdes, the Leader of the Revolution issued a message.

News Groupinternational-affairs

FM Zarif, UN Chief Hold Phone Talks over Gen. Soleimani’s Assassination

Iran’s foreign minister has talked over the phone with the United Nations secretary general over the US assassination of top Iranian general, Qassem Soleimani

News Groupinternational-affairs

Iran looks into biometric payments to reduce card transactions

Iran is looking into a step-by-step integration of biometric payments and QR codes for better verification and to cut down on the number of daily card transactions, according to Mohammad Mehdi Sadeq, a senior banking executive quoted by the country’s IRNA agency, writes ParsToday

News Groupinternational-affairs

The official message of the Supreme Leader for the New Year

” New Year’s motto”: product boom, Everyone to work for the prosperity of production in the country”

News Groupinternational-affairs

The Leader picks “Support for Iranian Products” as New Year’s motto

“All must work to realize this year’s motto”

News Groupinternational-affairs

New IDs

smart ID cards

News Groupinternational-affairs

"NOCR" one of the superior organizations

Selection of NOCR as one of the superior organizations

News Groupinternational-affairs

the National Day of population in IRAN - 30 May as

30 May as the National Day for population was registered in the official calendar.

News Groupinternational-affairs

Iran among the best in Civil Registration and Vital Statistics

“Creative analysis of data is the best way to achieve statistical ideals.”

News Groupinternational-affairs

NOCR representative participated in the first regional steering group meeting

According to the ESCAP secretariat, the first regional steering group meeting was held at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok during 28-30 July 2015.

News Groupinternational-affairs

The native building of national smart card body

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of NOCR ,

News Groupinternational-affairs

The second meetingof ECO member's heads for civil registration organization

According to the international affairs of NOCR,the secondmeeting of theeco member's heads of civil registration will hold on September 2015 in Ankara.

News Groupinternational-affairs

VisitoftheIraqi delegation from NOCR

According to theInternational Affairs,adelegation from theIraq ;advisors and officials of Iraqiinterior ministry, visited NOCR in Iran on February 27.

News Groupinternational-affairs

Online civil registration services to abroad Iranians

Mr.Halimi NOCR Head's advisor in International affairs; congratulating Mr.chegani; the new Gen. Dr. of foreign affairs Ministry consular, referred to the part of International recent actions , particularly holding the first session of Eco and OIC members’ Civil registration heads in Iran and pacific –Asia session in Thailand

News Groupinternational-affairs

Suggestion establishment, vital events registration international organization in UN.

In the meeting Head of NOCR ;Dr. Nazemi Ardakani, welcoming to the participants referred to the following items:

News Groupinternational-affairs

Mechanized and population database-centered and Non-counterfeiting birth certificate (booklet).

Dr.Nazmi Ardekani ;head of NOCR said the new booklet is mechanized and population database-centered and Non-counterfeiting.

News Groupinternational-affairs

Four basic actions to map out and implement the civil registration and vital statistics System

Mr. Mahzoon ;Gen. Dir. Of statistics & population information office and immigration of NOCR said:" Four basic actions should be done to map out and implement the civil registration and vital statistics System."

News Groupinternational-affairs

World Population Day Celebration at the Forum of Interior Minister

Following the notification of the general population policies by the supreme Leader, the conference of World Population Day on July 20, in order to explain the general population policies was hold with attendance of officials and authorities of the country at the Forum of Interior Ministry.