Friday7 August 2020   
Date 2020/04/13         Hour 12:41:31     News Group Recent International

Okta's new platform approach to identity management effectively makes the Okta Identity Cloud more flexible and customizable, so organizations can use it for a broad range of use cases

Okta, the cloud-based identity management firm, is rolling out a new suite of services designed to give enterprises the flexibility to build out a broad range of customized identity management tools. The new Okta Platform Services comprises a handful of core technologies, accessed via the Okta Identity Cloud through Okta products, public APIs and SDKs.


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Okta's business is driven by the premise that as organizations take more of their technologies and business processes to the cloud, a secure ID management system becomes increasingly important.

"In an increasingly digital world, identity has become the unifying means by which organizations use technology, whether for their own workforces or to engage with their customers," Okta Chief Product Officer Diya Jolly said in a statement. "Identity is also an evolving challenge that requires a modern platform-approach that encourages standardized and open development."

The new Okta Platform Services, the company says, offers a modular, service-oriented architecture, allowing Okta and its customers to quickly build new features when needed.