Saturday24 October 2020   
Date 2020/09/26         Hour 09:47:56     News Group Recent International

Perspecta Inc., a renowned U.S. government services provider, announced that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with NextgenID to develop an identity proofing solution to remotely assess and verify the identity of individuals who apply for credentials to gain physical and network access to government facilities.
A catalyst for the solution's development was the updated SP800-63A standard from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which allows the use of remote identity proofing for federal agencies. Perspecta's solution combines its architecture, integration and operations expertise with NextgenID's hardware and identity software. Using a kiosk, applicants scan their documents, have fingerprints taken and get photographed.

Remote verification officer

A remote verification officer conducts the entire process and guides users via live audio and video to validate all required information.

Through our partnership with Perspecta, we have expedited the development of our federal solution"

"The traditional, in-person proofing process for validating identity, accepting documents, verifying their authenticity and issuing credentials is time-consuming both for the government and applicants," said Jeff Bohling, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Perspecta's defense group. "Our partnership with NextgenID will provide our federal customers with an innovative, yet fully compliant approach to identity management that maintains security while simplifying the process."

Remote identity proofing

For federal agencies such as the U.S. Department of Defence (DOD), kiosks can be placed in multiple sites to offer a modernised and convenient way to issue common access cards and U.S. ID cards for active and retired military members, federal employees, government contractors and DOD family members.

"The coronavirus pandemic, and heightened risk of in-person interactions, has revealed a new urgency around the need for supervised remote identity proofing," said Mohab Murrar, CEO of NextgenID. "Through our partnership with Perspecta, we have expedited the development of our federal solution that allows the critical process for credential verification and issuance to continue safely."