Date 2022/01/27         Hour 09:14:18     News Group Recent International

The Ministerial Conference and the work to improve CRVS over recent years have highlighted the need for champions and high level political commitment to drive change.

Dr. Siddhi Aryal, Regional Director, Asia Pacific Hub of Vital Strategies, and José Luis Castro, President and CEO of Vital Strategies, recently highlighted the work of Vital Strategies and called for attention to the progress being made in many countries.

They noted that "experience from the first six years of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Data for Health Initiative has demonstrated that CRVS improvements can happen rapidly. When driven by highlevel political will and ownership, strong leadership by primary stakeholders and champions, and effective intersectoral coordination and collaboration, sustainable improvements and the benefits that accrue from stronger systems are arriving quickly."

Leaders and champions of CRVS are driving this progress. The coordination and governance structures they have established harness the power of each system’s diverse set of stakeholders. Vital Strategies and partners are now sharing these stories through #CountingEveryone: a new campaign highlighting the critical nature of coordination, governance and leadership to strengthen CRVS systems.