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How to replace ID card against presenting it

ID card is replaced at one of the following circumstances:

1-  Replacement of classic sample of ID card in the execution of NOCR Law

a) With presentation of classic sample of ID card

b) Without presentation of classic sample of ID card

2- Replacement of used- up samples of ID card

3- Replacement of ID card due to execution of issued awards by judicial courts, decisions made by Dispute Settlement Councils, and the issued orders by Age Ascertainment Commissions or ratifications on surname.

4- Renovation of ID card for photo replacement after age of 30 in persons

5- Replacement of ID card after age 15  

Each of the following persons can request for drawing up and signing the application form of ID replacement and receiving new ID card by referring to IRI consulates abroad and/ or NOCR departments throughout the country.

1- Persons at age 18 and higher

2- Individuals under age 18 by presentation of Judgement of Maturity

3- Father or grandfather for children under age 18 by giving his ID card

4- Legal Guardian (custodian, trustee, administrator) for minors and incapable persons by presentation of the reliable documents in which his/ her positions was verified.

The needed documents:

1- ID card

2- Two newly taken full- face photos in 3×4 dimensions (for person at age 15 and higher)

3- Payment of charge according to the current tariff

4- If the presented ID card lacks photo, it requires presentation of other photo- affixed proofs (including passport, Military Services Completion card or exemption card, driving license, photo affixed educational transcript for secondary school and higher periods, Photo- affixed recommendation letters for the students issued by school while they study, or ID card with photo that belong s to personnel in governmental offices including their identity particulars).

- If ID card holder lacks each of the mentioned proofs in Clause 4, he/ she will be introduced to police office (NAJA) in order to verify his/ her photo.

- Governmental staffs and or businessmen (with business license) can verify the identity at the back of photos of the ID card holder.

Method of Reference:

- All of IRI consulates abroad and departments of NOCR throughout the country are ready to receive the implied documents for ID card replacement within official days and hours.

- Additionally, there is no legal bar to request for replacement of ID card in a place rather than the ID card original place of issuance; and in such cases, after drawing up this request and giving it to the related department (ID card issuance place), the given ID card will be replaced and delivered to its owner.

The essential recommendations:

1- Whereas ID card will be issued exclusively according to the contents of identity documents; thus, please control its contents carefully at the time of receiving replaced ID card and avoid from receiving it if you observe any defect in it until removal such differences.

ID cards for the persons who are at age 30 shall be renovated (replaced) by affixation of newly taken photo at the same year.

2- Since ID card is persons’ identity document, please keep it safe carefully to reserve your rights.

3- Giving or taking ID card as a deposit is entirely forbidden at any condition.  

Definitions and Concepts:

1- Guardian: He/ she is the legal representative of the incapable person who is appointed by competent judicial officials in the absence of protector by force (father- grandfather) and administrator to do his/ her affair.

2- Administrator

3- Trustee:

Trustee is a person who is appointed temporarily by competent judicial officials to do the affairs relating to the incapable person that they were mentioned in the law in the absence of protector by force (father- grandfather) and or in some cases when the administrator could not manage the affairs of the incapable person under his/ her administration.

4- Incapable:

The following persons are incapable:

1- Minors (younger than age 18)

2- Immature persons

3- Insane persons
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