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NOCR Law, Article 22:
Death of any person, whether Iranian or foreigner, shall be announced to one of the offices of NOCR throughout the country and also death of any Iranian national abroad will be declared to consular officials of the residence or one of the offices of NOCR throughout the country.

Each of the following persons also can announce death of Iranians abroad and take death certificate:

1- The closest relatives of the late person or any person who was present there upon his/ her death by presentation of identity documents.

2- Judicial and military officials

3- Life- guard groups

The needed documents for death registration:

1- The deceased person’s ID card and National ID card (if it issued)

2- Original copy of death foreign certificate of the late person

3- Certified translation and verified death foreign certificate by IRI consulates abroad and or Personal Records and Identities Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tehran

4- ID card and National ID card of person who announced death event

Issuance of Death Abstract Copy (Death Certificate):

1- Death certificate will be submitted to any person and with any quantity.

2- Payment of charge according to current tariff

The needed Recommendations:

1- Whereas, according to Article 25 of NOCR Law, deadline for announcement of death is maximally ten days after its event by knowledge, it is expedient to declare death event to NCOR at the stipulated time (10 days).

Note: Birthday and official holiday after last day are not considered in this counting and if birth event has occurred during land or air or marine journey, deadline for its announcement will be counted from date of arrival at destination.

2- At the next stages, issuance of death certificate will be subjected to presentation of the late person’s ID card or announcement of number, date and place of death registration (the respected consulate).

3- Issuance of death certificate requires death registration; with respect to importance of this matter, announcer of this event shall be assured of authenticity of its content before signing the given document.

4- Please make sure of correctness of its content when receiving death certificate.

5- After death, ID card of the late person is substituted with death certificate so it could be submitted to judicial courts and governmental organizations etc if need.  

Definitions and Concepts:

1- Death Document:

Death documents is an official document in which death event is recorded for the late person and based on which death certificate will be issued.

2- Death Certificate:

Death certificate is the same as death abstract copy and based on which death document contents will be drawn up and delivered.
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