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 According to Clause 6, Article 976 of Civil Code:
Each foreign female national who got married to an Iranian husband is considered as Iranian national.

The needed documents:

1- Recommendation letter from Nationals General Department (NAJA) Foreign Nationals and Immigrants’ Affairs Office (of Ministry of Interior) or their related affiliate units in other towns plus two verified photos by the introducing body

2- Outline of the given ladies’ fingerprints.

3- Husband’s ID card in which marriage event had been recorded on the specific page of ID card by the notary.

4- Spouses’ Marriage Document

5- Payment of charge according to the current tariff
 Method of Reference:

a) Abroad: The mentioned ladies whose marriage event had been registered in IRI consulate abroad can refer to IRI consulates to receive ID card at their residence place.

b) Inside the country:

1- In Tehran: To General Bureau of Identity Affairs of the Iranians Abroad (GBIAIA) at Ministry of Foreign Affairs which located in building no 6 of NOCR, across Sheikh Hadi St, Imam Khomeini Ave, Tehran.

2- In other towns: To Registry Office at the center of the given province
The essential recommendations:

1- Issuance of ID card requires drawing up identity document. With respect to importance this subject, please make sure of authenticity and correctness of identity documents before signing it.

2- Issuance of duplicate ID card has legal restriction so please be meticulous in keeping it safe.

3- Any manipulation in contents of ID card is absolutely forbidden and offender will be subjected to the related law.

4- Recording of seal, sign and writing, in any form, is strictly forbidden, except by the mentioned bodies in N.B. 4, Article 36 of NOCR Law.   

Definitions and Concepts:

1- Identity Document:

Identity document is a type of document in which birthday of any person is recorded and based on which ID card is issued.

2- ID card:

ID card is identification and nationality document for each Iranian.
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