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  - About the General Bureau General Bureau of Identity Affairs of Iranians Abroad (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) is a subset from Legal and Identity Deputy of NOCR and it totally comprises of Department of Identity Affairs, Legal Affairs Department, National ID card Issuance Unit, Secretariat Unit and Systems Supporting Unit.

- First document

The first birth certificate for Iranians abroad has been drawn up in IRI Consulate at Mumbai (India) in 1929.

- Contact to other departments

General Bureau of Identity Affairs of Iranians Abroad (GBIAIA) is a communication link that cooperated with department of Iranian nationals abroad and IRI Consulates abroad in one hand, and NOCR and its other affiliate departments throughout the country, on the other hand.  

- Establishment of Total Quality Management (TQM)

The present General Bureau has succeeded to achieve Certificate of TQM (ISO 9001-2000) in 2004 and it has been consecutively assessed every year since now while managing to restore the given achievement at best.

- Administrative Automation System

Since February 2008, administrative automation system has been setup perfectly and then this system has been established under Web from the beginning of 2009 so the services are given in paperless form.

- National ID card Tracking System

As a modern service under title of National ID card Tracking System, this service has been given since February 2009 in General Bureau by which the resident Iranians abroad and IRI Consulates can check up and follow up their request at different stages and be informed about the latest state of request for their National ID cards by referring to website of GBIAIA and entering request receipt number which they took from the consulate against giving their documents and title of embassy.

- Issuance System of Certificate of Celibacy

The other service that has been given by this General Bureau since beginning of 2009 is called Issuance System of Certificate of Celibacy and by which Iranians inside and outside the country can fill out application form for issuance of Certificate of Celibacy vie email without need to primary attendance and through entering into website of General Bureau of Identity Affairs of Iranians Abroad (GBIAIA).

- Electronic Archive

Under the aegis of God’s help, project of documents electronic archive at the General Bureau has been setup since January 2009 and all related documents of birth has been fed into this system so it minimized application of physical documents and by which it has avoided from wearing those documents.

- Mechanized Issuance of ID card

Under the auspicious of Almighty God and the course of realization of E-government’s goals, project of issuance ID card for persons older than 15 has been implemented since the beginning of thirty first anniversary of victory of Iranian Islamic Splendid Revolution at the General Bureau so at present all ID cards are issued in mechanizing form at this department.
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