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On the strength of Article 20 of NOCR Law:

- The announcer is responsible for selection of name. For determination of name, a simple or combined name (e.g. Hossein, Mohammad Mehdi, etc) which is conventionally considered a single name will be chosen.

- Selection of names which may discredit the reputation of Islamic sacred things as well as despicable and indecent titles and names or unsuitable for the given gender will be forbidden.

- NOCR Supreme Council is responsible for discerning on forbidden names and this council determines and announces some of samples to organization.

- Selection of name for well- known religious minorities is subjected to their language and religious culture based on Constitution.

- It is obligatory to mention title of Seyed (prophet’s offspring) in identity documents of Seyed persons where their title has been mentioned in identity documents of their father and or grandfather and when their title has been proved by religious reasons, except for those who do not deem themselves as Seyed and lack of this familial relationship that will be religiously proved.

Modifiable names are as follows:

By virtue of Article 20 of NOCR Law and its provisions, selection of the following names is forbidden and holder of such names can change their name by observance of the related regulations.

1- Names which lead to discredit of reputation of Islamic sacred things like: Abd-al-Lat, Abd-al- Ozza

(Lat and Ozza were names of two idols in Mecca in pre- Islamic history)

2- Combined names which are not conventionally considered as a single name (mismatched combined named), like: Saeed Behzad, Shohreh Fatemeh, and Hossein known as Kambiz etc.

 3- Titles- whether military and or national one and or a combination of name and title such as: Captain, general, doctor, mayor and or Captain Mohammad and Mayor Ali

4- Nicknames- whether simple and combined like: Malek-al-Dolah, Khan, or Shokat-al-Molouk, and Hajieh Sultan and Soltanali

5- Despicable and indecent names- Despicable and indecent names are those kinds of names which are considered as sarcastic and biting for the holder based on time, place and according to the following reasons and aspects and selection of them shall be verified by Supreme Council.

- Names which denote the blameful and contradictory characteristics to human higher values, like Gorg (wolf),  Qouchi (mouflon)  

- Names which are contradictory to people’s dominant norm and culture and religious sacred things

E.g.: Lat (hooligan), Khoonriz (vampire), Changiz etc.

- Names which may spread and encourage foreign culture. E.g. Vanooshka, Jacardo, Shahdoost etc,

- Names which may contempt persons and or lexical meaning is not acceptable in society. E.g. Sad Tomani, Gat Agha, Kaniz (maiden), Geda (beggar) etc.  

6- Inappropriate names to gender. Like selection of Mashallah for female and/ or Ashraf and or Akram  for male people

7- Deletion of extra and non essential words in persons’ names. Like: Gholi, Gholam, Gorg, Zolf and Qouch.

8- Correction dictation errors in persons’ name due to lack of familiarity the given officer to local and native dialects and terms and meanings and or occurred because of speaker. Such as Zohrab to Sohrab and Manigeh to Manijeh and or …

9- Having the same name between child and father and or mother in a family.

10- Having the same name between brothers and sisters in a family.

11- Change of names from Arabic voice into Persian form like Rahmän to Rahman, Esmael to Ismaeel, and Eshaq to Issac etc.

 12- Change of names of peoples who are converted into Islam religion by verification of competent bodies.

13- Change of names of people whose names are days of a week.

14- Change of names in persons who had altered their gender and the competent court has issued judgement for their change of gender in identity documents and ID cards.

- Prefix “Abd“ is specific to God’s name and existent intuitive characters and applicant can request for its deletion in other cases.

15- Omission of names of lunar (Hejira) months from combined names like Moharramali, Ali Safar etc.

By observance of the cases of changeable names, each of the following persons can refer to IRI consulates abroad and departments of NOCR throughout the country to request for change of their name.

1- Persons at age 18 and higher

2- Individuals under age 18 by presentation of Judgement of Maturity

3- Father or grandfather for children under age 18 by giving his ID card

4- Legal Guardian (custodian, trustee, administrator) for minors and incapable persons by presentation of the reliable documents in which his/ her positions was verified.
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