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Each of the following persons can request for issuance duplicate ID card because of missing or wearing it by referring to IRI consulates abroad and/ or NOCR departments throughout the country.  
1- Persons at age 18 and higher

2- Persons under 18 who have Judgment of Maturity

3- Father or grandfather for children under 18 by presentation of his ID card

4- Mother by presentation of her ID card until she has been legal wife for father of ID card holder (for children under 18)

5- Legal guardian (custodian, trustee and administrator) for minor and incapable persons where his/ her position has been certified by giving the reasonable proofs.

The needed documents:

1- To receive Affidavit form from IRI consulates abroad and or departments of NOCR throughout the country.

2- To fill out the given affidavit and certification of this form by IRI consulates abroad and/ or by attestation signature of one of the witnesses in a domestic notary.

3- Two full- face photos with 3×4 sizes behind of which identity particulars (first name , surname, ID card no, date of birth, and place of issuance) had been recorded for persons with age 15 and higher

4- The original and image of photo- affixed documents are obligatory including (passport, Military Services completion card or exemption card, driving license, photo affixed educational transcript for secondary school and higher periods, Photo- affixed recommendation letters for the students issued by school while they study, or ID card with photo that belong s to personnel in governmental offices including their identity particulars)     

- Furthermore, after conformity of the original reliable proofs to their images, the original documents will be returned to the owner. If holder of ID card lacks any items from the mentioned proofs in Clause 4, he/ she will be introduced to Police Office in order to verify his/ her photo.

5- The original and image of marriage and or divorce (if the case be) and children’s ID cards if married and these original documents will be given back to the holder after conformation.

6- Payment of charge according to the current tariff

Method of Reference:

To issue duplicate ID card, all of IRI consulates abroad and/ or departments of NOCR throughout the country are ready to receive the mentioned documents during official hours and days.

- Furthermore, it is no legal bar to issue duplicate ID card in other place than the original place of its issuance so in such cases and after reception and sending the request to the related department (ID card issuance place) and within the stipulated deadlines, the requested ID card will be issued, sent and delivered to the owner.

The essential recommendations:

1- ID card is document of your identity, so keep it safe carefully.

2- Memorize the particulars of your ID card in order to facilitate more access to your identity records if needed.

3- Any alteration and manipulation or misuse of your ID card deems as a crime and the offender will be subjected to legal prosecution.

4- Please make sure of correctness of your ID card contents when receiving it.

5- Issuance duplicate ID card is subjected to legal restriction, please keep it safe carefully.

6- Recording any seal, sign, written message on your ID card by each of organizations, departments and institutions from public and private sectors is forbidden, except for NOCR, marriage and divorce notaries, IRI consulates abroad, Identification Department, Interpol and election department general, and the offender will be subjected to legal prosecution.

7- Giving and taking ID card as a deposit is forbidden anyway.
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