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According to Article 997 of civil law:

Everyone should have a surname.

According to Article 40 of civil registration law:

NOCR should pass the change of surnames.

According to Article 41 civil registration law:

The child's surname is his father's surname.

The surname priority right holder is a person whose specific surname is registered first time in the territory of the related independent civil registration local office.

The surname priority right is transferred to deceased's legal heirs, after the death of person.

The surname priority right holder and his legal heirs can let to the others to adopt their surname, if their ID certificate issuance place is the same.


The following surnames can be changed:

A.    More than two words or combined of:

- one word & one letter  or  number, prefix, suffix  

- place names (absolutely or additionally )

Examples :

- Do Asle Tehrany- Ali Nejad motlagh- Adnan Takan –Hosseinypoor - Taba Tabae

- Tapeh Tehrani

B.     Displeasing or Ethics obscene names

Examples: Gedapoor (the son of poverty)   - Pedarsookhte (bastard)- Lash (Wanton)

      3. Foreign words like Alioph & for non migratory Iranian or Arakelyan for Muslims.

      4. In spite of the Islamic culture.

5. Places name (additionally or absolutely)

 Examples: a. karaji (karaj is a province of Iran)

                   b.Afkhami Tabrizi (Tabriz is also province of Iran)

Note1: The places name are removed without observing regulations of surname priority holder eg. Hosseini Shirazi which  can be changed to Hosseini or Akbari AliAbady to akbari.

Note2: The tribe, nomads& professions names are removed without observing regulations of surname priority holder,eg. Kuravand to Rasuli or Mohammadi Naghash( Painter ) to Mohammadi.

6. Nicknames and titles related to : scientific titles or specialized & professional degrees like: doctor , universities or government positions include national & military absolutely titles like Sarhange (colonel in En.), Shahrdar (mayor in En.)

7. wife can use of husband's surname without observing surname priority holder regulations, and must present husband's permit, but upon divorce or after husband's death the wife may protest and return to her first surname ,also before she is remarrying, she can remain on his husband's surname or return to her first surname.

8. Father, upon to his surname change , can request to change his under 18 age children's surname and the adult children can change their surnames by presenting father's permit and without regarding to priority right.

9. According to note of article 41 of civil registration law: If a father changes his surname and dies, his children can change their surname to his last father's family.
If any persons as follow: have a changeable surname, Ii is possible for them , send their request to Abroad Islamic Republic Iranian agencies or civil registration offices  across the country .

The entitled persons:

1)    Individuals above 18 years

2)    Individuals down 18 years with growth sentence.

3)    Father or grandfather with presenting ID certificate, for the children below 18 years if their father's surname has been changed.

4)    Guardian or executors also can do, if the children are under their patronage ,of course they should present reliable documents.

Documentation requirements

1)       Completed Surname changing applicant form (number 7)

2)      The original ID certificate and tow duplicate of its all pages

3)      Father's or grandfather's permit (issue of registered document offices), if the adult children want to change.

4)      The surname priority right holder permit (issue of registered documents offices )

Note: Issues of the related are also possible in civil registrations offices.

5)      Women who want to adopt her husbands' surname , should present the following documents:

a)      Completed related application form.

b)      The original & copy of applicant's ID certificate.

c)      Husband's permit

d)     The original & copy of all pages of husband's ID certificate & marriage stipulation.

Surname change application procedure

All abroad agencies of IRIN and civil registration offices across the country are ready to receive  the related documents every day during office hours.

If the applicant place is not the same issuance office, after receiving the documents, they will be sent to the related office (Id certificate place issue) and after necessary actions the final result will be announced to sender office for the applicant.

2-The civil registration not only should pass the apply of  change surnames but also should pass its implementation as well.

3- After the pass of  surname change , the following actions will be proceeded :

4- It should be announced to the applicant by abroad agencies IRIN or local offices.

5- The applicant's written apply to implement in the civil documents will be received then ID certificates are changed.

6- Fees will be paid according to current tariffs.

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