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Based on paragraph 2 of article 976 :

The children whose father is Iranian, if they would be born in Iran or foreign, are considered Iranian.

According to Article 12 of CR (civil registration) law:

The birth of each child is born in abroad, must be notified to the official of Iranian consulate representative in the country of residence, if it is not possible, otherwise it should be notified to the nearest consulate office or NOCR.

Note of article 15 of CR law:

The deadline of birth registration is 15 days after the event .The first and formal holidays are not counted. If the event is during overland, air travel or sea voyage, the deadline begins after arriving to the destination.
• The following persons may refer to IRIN agencies in abroad or civil Registration Departments and notify childbirth to obtain identity card (ID card) for the newly born child:

1- Father or paternal grandfather by presentation of identity card

2- Mother, if her marriage has been legally registered (in the Offices of marriage in country or IRIN agencies in abroad.)

3-If the parent's marriage has not been registered; the parents shall jointly notify the birth and sign the relevant.

4- Executor, guardian or trustee for incapable or minor child while presenting the relevant documents.
Necessary Documents

1- Original ID card of the father and mother

2- Original foreign Birth Certificate confirmed by the IRIN agencies in the resident country or the personal civil registration department of foreign affairs ministry in Tehran.

Explanation: After issue the ID card, The Original foreign Birth Certificate will refund.

3- to pay the fee according current tariff (cost).
 Manner of Refer & Obtaining ID card

In order to obtain ID card for the newly born child, you may refer to:

1.      In Abroad: IRIN Agencies in the resident country or the nearest consulate.

2.      In the country(Tehran) : General office of Iranian Abroad citizens ID affairs (Address: Imam Khomeini Str. , sheikh Hadi Ave. Building No.6 of NOCR.)

3.      In other provinces: All local civil registration General offices



- The child's name shall be selected by the person who notifies the childbirth.

- A simple or compound name, which is commonly considered as one name, can be selected for a child.

- It is prohibited to select names which denigrate Islamic sanctities as well as repulsive and obscene titles, nicknames and names or unsuitable with the Gender.

-The naming of religious priorities in the constitution is based on their culture & language.

- It is mandatory to mention the word "Sayed  or Sadat" to the name of Sayeds or Sadats whose discordance of the Prophet has been mentioned in ID Card of their father or paternal grandfather.

Necessary Recommendations

1- According to the Law (note of article 15 of civil registration law), the moratorium for notification of childbirth and obtaining ID card is maximum 15 days after his/her birthday .

NOTE: The first and formal holidays are not counted. If the event is during overland, air travel or sea voyage, the deadline begins after arriving to the destination.

2- To prevent the mentioned problems in naming, the related regulations must be respected, so before receiving Iranian ID card ,you must refuse to receive foreign documents in abroad.

3-If you decided to obtain ID Card for your child in IRAN ,you had to first refer to the IRIN agencies to register your marriage in your and wife's ID card& confirm the issued birth certificate in the IRIN agencies in the your resident.

4- Issuance of ID card for abroad born children will be possible, if father is Iranian.

5- Issuance of ID card requires drawing up identification certificate considering the importance of the subject, it is essential to ensure from the authenticity of the contents mentioned in the relevant document before signature.

6- Issuance of duplicate ID card has legal restriction; so take care and protect your ID Card.

7- Any change in the contents of ID Card, in any way, is strictly forbidden, and the offenders shall be treated in accordance with Law.

8- Insertion of any seal, sign and writing in ID card is strictly forbidden (with the exception of the mentioned references in note 4 article 36 are exceptions.)

9-If the parents' marriage has not been registered &mother does not have Iranian ID card, his/her ID certificate is issued with fathers' full specifications& just mother's name.

Definitions & Concepts

1- Civil documents: It is an official document in which the individuals' birth is registered and based on which, the ID card is issued.

2- ID Card (certificate): ID Card is considered as the identity and nationality document for each Iranian person.

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