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Duties of the office are three categories of activities: staff, administrative and consular, as follows:

A: staff activities

. Post the issued rules, regulations and instructions to the Agents and consulates or provide staff training ,If the Foreign Ministry missions are headed to present identifying services for the abroad Iranian .

. Contact the Foreign Ministry (Bureau of Consular Affairs, Offices of personal civil &, Citizenship, refugees affairs, etc.) to coordinate and provide proper services as well as review and remove the identity problems of abroad Iranians.

.   Research studies and research on identity problems of abroad Iranians.

·   to supply the Needs of Agencies ( Islamic Republic of Iran ) in abroad in the field of identity papers &documents such as events documents , recordings of death, marriage, divorce and ID card and death certificates.


B: Consular activities

·  Receive records of events, marriage, divorce and death regulated by abroad agencies in order to protect Troubleshoot and preserve the archive of electronic identity documents.

·   Receive documents of entering and leaving the Iranian citizenship, marriage licenses received from the foreign ministry in order to send to the local offices ,issuance places, to insert the subject in the identity documents also receive service requests and track them to the result and send the response to the foreign ministry.

·   Periodic visits to verify the status of Iran's agents and service agents to resolve problems in identity of abroad Iranians.
C: Operating activities

·   Registration of birth and death events, the issuance of birth certificates, protect ,preserve, and update their records and documentation.

·   Issuing certified copies of marriage, divorce and death, the certificate of celibacy.

·   Exchange of ID card and issuance of duplicate documents regulated in abroad agencies or General office

·   Investigation and send change requests and duplicate received from foreign ministry to relevant provincial departments and pursue them.

·   To handle disputes related to identity, change the name and ...

·   three-member Commission to review and comment on stagnant (dead) documents and the civil documents claimants.

·    Commission on age diagnosis at registry office in Tehran to address raised claims .

·    Commission to resolve conflict and review requests a name or last name conflict.

·     Defend of Civil documents against legal claims, regarding the raised claims in the judicial courts, of law subject to criminal violations, fines and penalties related to the Civil document& birth certificate.

·     recive inquiries related to name choosing& review in the related committee of organization and announce the result to the foreign ministry.

·     Receive requests from the Iranian national identity cards, tracking in a data preparation system ,review , adjust and fix the Paradox and issue national identity cards and send to the foreign minister.

·     Preparation of regulated documents electronic archives in consulates or general office.

·    Data preparation and disadvantages of identity documents received from the agencies in abroad.

·     Bookbinding of identity documents

·     Investigating and pursuing cases involving missed birth certificate (Article 45 rights. M).

·     count the documents& delivery of birth certificate to the agencies in abroad.

·      respond to inquiries of competent authorities

·      Performance reporting and statistics to provide services a turn.

·      Other duties.

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